5 Tips & Tricks for Time Management and Utilization


“Time is not the main thing, It’s the only thing.” – Miles David

“The one who does not understand how his time passed, he also does not understand how his life passed.”

“First you kill time, then time kill you.”

This is the importance of time and we should always value our time and manage it wisely.


The time is like ink in the pen. Just like a pen has limited ink in it, the same way life also has limited time.

Therefore, we should utilize our time as good as we can and write the best story out of it.


We should never do time pass in our lives as it stops your learning and makes mind dull. So, we should always have a learning attitude irrespective of whatever we are doing.


Here are some tips and tricks which helps you to manage and utilize your time at its best.


1. Ask question to yourself –

The most important thing we need to consider in order to manage time is to always focus on our present. Always ask the question to yourself – “What is most important for me right now?”

The correct answer to this question will give you all the clarity.

Always remember, A wise man will never cry for past and never worry about the future.


2. Prepare a to-do list –

Make a to-do list one night prior or morning of your day. This will help you become stress-free and put your mind and effort into you work instead of remembering your priority tasks. Prioritizing things and accordingly created to do list also help you to organize yourself and increase your productivity.

There are several techniques to create a to-do list like,

  1. ABC System
  2. Urgent/Important Matrix
  3. Action/Priority System
  4. Pareto System
  5. Inventory System

To help yourself for creating a to-do list you can also use some mobile applications like,

  1. To Do List
  2. Google Keep
  3. Any Do

It is suggested to have enough time gaps between your tasks because if something takes a bit longer time like traffic in a way to your office then it will not impact your later tasks.

It is also suggested to create a day log of your time to time and check if there is any possibility to make your time management more efficient.


3. Avoid Time wasters –

Don’t get indulge too much into activities like facebook, WhatsApp, watching T.V. which are time wasting, mind wasting and energy wasting.

Swami Vivekanand said, “anything excess is poison.”


4. Keep Goals –

We all have a lot of energy just the difference is some people have given the right direction to their energies, but some have not.  Goals and ambitions always give the direction to your energy and make you work properly, without wasting time and you can achieve your goals.

So, we should always make some plan and maintain short-term and long-term goals.

Short terms goals are as important as long-term goals as these short goals are steps to the success of your long-term goals.


5. Don’t procrastinate and start a bit early –

Always try to start your task bit early as per the scheduled. This will help you to complete the task within the required time frame and you will be able to do it before the deadlines.


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