Best 8 ways to overcome laziness

First of all, we need to understand what laziness is and what are the causes of laziness.

So, Laziness is a state of passivity and of letting things stay as they are.

Anyone can be lazy various time but if someone is lazy too often then something has to be done.

If someone wants to live a happy, efficient and successful life, then he will have to overcome laziness.

Now, the question is what makes us lazy.

Basically, there can be 2 reasons for a person being lazy.

  1. Psychological Level –

If the work which you are doing is not of your interest and you feel bored. While doing it then automatically you try to avoid it and procrastinate. Doing this very often can cause laziness.

  1. Physical Level –

If you are working on something of your interest and still you feel lazy then there is a strong possibility that you don’t have enough energy of doing that work.


There can be various effective ways to overcome Laziness.

  1. Purpose –

Our brain always tries to seek pleasure and avoid pain. It always gets attracted to the pleasure until it has a reason to bear the pain. Let us take an example, if a person doesn’t like to study (pain) instead he likes hanging out with his friends (pleasure) then, he will be hanging out only until he does not have something more important pleasure for him than this pleasure. It might be a dream of becoming what he wants to be or money or a good job. But he will need a purpose to motivate himself. This is the power of purpose and If someone has a strong purpose for doing something then laziness can come across him.


  1. Set Realistic Goals –

We should set some goals which are realistic and challenging to you. This will create energy to work and overcome laziness. You can also set some time frame to achieve that goal. This can help very effectively.


  1. Break down a task into smaller tasks –
    We often avoid tasks because we find them very big, very overwhelming, tiring, or taking too much of our time. Breaking a task into several smaller tasks can solve the problem. This approach can be applied not only to tasks but also to goals and everything else we need to do.


  1. Planning –

If you can plan your day at the start of the day itself then there is a strong possibility that you will be too busy in the schedule and don’t get time to be lazy.


  1. Exercise –

More sleep will not energize a person instead a good sleep does. So, in order to overcome physical laziness, one should get quality sleep and rest time and the way to get good sleep is to get tired by doing some exercise. Exercise can help to overcome laziness in two ways.

  1. The physical strength of your body improves, and your stamina increases.
  2. It helps you to get a good sleep which will make you feel energized once you wake up in the morning.


  1. Fruit –

A healthy diet can make you energized and active instead of having some oily stuff, tea, coffee as breakfast, replace it will healthy fruits. As fruits contain fibers, the energy provided by fruit lasts longer than tea coffee.


  1. Acupressure –

This is a very effective technique to make your body fit and active. This can also act as a helper to overcome laziness.


  1. Avoid Excessive use of mobile phones –

Using mobile phone so much makes you dull and physical and mental level both. More importantly, it will make your body very stiff and produce laziness.

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